Battle of the Bot Ride

This is the best way to test your FTP to set in the workouts.  

Battle the Bot is the ultimate test of fitness and improvement. Race our very unfriendly Bots over a 15km route. Why are they unfriendly? Unlike our friendly MyBunch Bots, these Bots won’t let you draft; it’s you versus them, one on one through the small rolling hills of Alula. How many can you beat? 30 Bots will start with you all producing different power. The slowest Bot will hold 150w, and the fastest 375w. Can you beat one, or five, or can you take them all down? No matter what this will hurt, give it everything. See how many you beat, and then come back and take them on again to track your progress.  

Take your best 20-minute power from your battle and use that as your FTP. 

It starts every hour, beginning at 12:15 am GST.  

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