2024 GCC Summer Championship

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MyWhoosh is pleased to announce the GCC Summer Championship, an exciting 5-day event taking place from July 8th to July 12th, exclusively for GCC citizens and residents who ride from the GCC region.

Participants will compete for a share of USD 188,900 in our fully verified category-based events.

To enter the 2024 GCC Summer Championship event, riders must meet the following criteria:

The Event                                                                                                                                          

In the GCC Summer Championship, all riders will race across a variety of courses and stages. From flat sprints, time trials, mountains and segments, this event has it all. It is a mini tour experience right at your home, where both men and women will ride the same routes, in the same event. Category 1 and 2 will be allocated to Men, while Category 3 and 4 will be allocated to Women, with 10 minutes gap between each group.

Additionally, the event also welcomes all GCC cyclists with a smart trainer to participate in the event. These participants will not be eligible for the elite prize money as verification is not required for them and they will race under Category 5 (Men) and Category 6 (Women) along with Category 2 (Men) and 4 (Women) respectively.

As part of the $500 for 500 initiative, these riders will have a chance to win $500 upon completing all 5 stages of the event.



Race Course


Race Schedule


Note – Men and Women start at different times in the same event.

We look forward to your participation in this exciting new event with MyWhoosh. Please click on the links below for more technical information.

Category Race – Technical Guide – English
Category Race – Technical Guide – Arabic
$500 For 500 – English Guide
$500 For 500 – Arabic Guide

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