How It Works

From real to virtual riding, you can use any bike you would use outside to ride in the MyWhoosh virtual world. Follow this step-by-step guide to get started.

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The essentials

See what equipment you need to get going.

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Start riding

You are off! Enjoy all that MyWhoosh has to offer.

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The app has something for everyone with tons of unique routes, training programs, and special events.

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The Essentials

Get your iOS, Android, MacOS or Windows device and pair your Smart Trainer or Smart Bike to start the fun.

Start riding

Log in, explore, meet the community. Your next ride awaits!




Enhance your experience with seamless VOD and Live Coaching Support for Apple TV, Offline Mode for uninterrupted sessions, and a Data Recovery System to save your progress.


Game State Recovery minimizes disruptions after server crashes, getting riders back on track quickly. Ride with bot groups at your preferred pace using MyBunch 24 x 7 or compete in the Chase Race, where similar abilities get a head start.


Customize your experience with in-app purchases of "power gems" for coins and items to showcase your community with sponsored event jerseys. Transfer your profile from other platforms with Data Migration, keeping your progress intact.

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