We Bring To You An All-New World – Australia!

We have launched the latest addition to the MyWhoosh world – Australia. Based on the City of Wollongong, an iconic cycling destination, Australia gives our riders a new opportunity to challenge themselves.

The beautiful city of Wollongong brings together scenic city landscapes and climbs, making it a favorite for Australian cyclists. Keeping in mind the vibrant cycling culture of Australia coupled with an influx of Australian riders in MyWhoosh, we decided to bring Wollongong to the virtual world with ultra-realistic graphics, so that our riders can ride and race this beautiful route from the comfort of their home. To top it off, you can experience Australia in all its glory, day or night!

We Bring To You An All-New World - Australia!


The main loop has been adapted to create two other shorter routes, allowing riders to hit top speeds along the coastal flats and challenging climbers to push out high watts in the hills.

We Bring To You An All-New World - Australia!

Route 1: Wollongong City

Designed for the rider who is hungry for a challenge. From the coast to the city, and up the escarpment, this is the main and longest route on the map, providing the full Wollongong experience.

We Bring To You An All-New World - Australia!

Route 2: Wollongong City Beach

Designed for those days when riders want to race on the flats, this variant of the loop will challenge those hunting for their next top speed.

We Bring To You An All-New World - Australia!

Route 3: Wollongong Mount Pleasant

Designed with the elevation seeker in mind, this variant of the route is all about the climb. But remember, what goes up, must come down!


During September, you will be seeing an Aussie takeover of MyWhoosh events!

MyWhoosh’s free-to-use platform makes races, workouts, and social rides available to everyone, via Android, iOS, and Windows. Those looking to experience what MyWhoosh’s Wollongong new world has to offer can also participate in the community-building weekly Australia social ride, and can race on Oceania time when joining the midweek race series “Tune-up Tuesday” and compete with bots in the all-new Australia world, designed exclusively for MyWhoosh!


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