Community Ride Form

Create Your Own MyWhoosh Community Ride 

Design and host your very own cycling event with MyWhoosh Community Rides. Whether you are an avid fitness enthusiast, part of a cycling club, or simply passionate about connecting with fellow riders, our platform empowers you to craft unique rides that reflect your cycling style and preferences.

How It Works:

  1. List your preferred Event details: Use the MyWhoosh Community Ride form to share all the preferred event details – your vision shapes the event, and we are here to help bring it to life.
  2. Our Team Responds: After submitting your form, our dedicated team takes action. Expect a response within 48-72 hours, outlining the final event format and ensuring everything aligns with your vision.
  3. Join the Global Stage: Your event is added to our daily event list, offering visibility and participation to riders worldwide. Leverage your networks and social platforms to amplify the excitement, making your event a global sensation.


  1. Minimum rider count: five participants.
  2. All riders must adhere to fair play principles, as outlined in the MyWhoosh Esports Ruleset.
  3. Event names must be appropriate; names promoting hate speech, profanity, racism, or culturally sensitive topics will not be accepted.
  4. Our team will design the optimal structure and route based on your provided event details.
  5. Select a date at least 96 hours after the current date (we require minimum four days notice).
  6. You can choose the event leader for your ride by inputting the MyWhoosh account’s email ID of the leader – this leader will be highlighted with a beacon on top during the ride. Please leave this field empty if you do not wish to have an event leader in your ride.

MyWhoosh Community Rides goes beyond cycling—it is about building connections, sharing experiences, and celebrating the joy of the ride. Get ready to make your mark on the cycling world!

For any issues with this form, please get in touch with