Controllable Companion Bots – All you need to know

Welcome to a new era of virtual cycling! MyWhoosh proudly presents Controllable Companion Bots, a feature set to redefine your cycling experience in our latest release. This cutting-edge innovation introduces an element of strategy and teamwork, transforming your solitary rides into immersive, competitive adventures.

The Concept:

Controllable Companion Bots are a unique addition to MyWhoosh, allowing riders to select up to four bots from a range of six distinct bots – each boasting a unique personality and specialized cycling skills. Designed to mimic real-world team dynamics, these bots bring a novel twist to your virtual races, offering new tactical possibilities and excitement.

Getting Started with Companion Bots:

Deep Dive into Bot Personalities: Each bot’s attack and sprint capabilities depend on your power output, the duration, and their recovery period. Strategic use of these bots can dramatically influence race outcomes, from drafting efficiently to executing timely attacks.

Interactive Control System:

Strategic Implementation:

With the introduction of Controllable Companion Bots, MyWhoosh is not just changing how you ride – we’re changing the game of virtual cycling. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or new to the sport, these bots open up a world of strategic possibilities and fun. Get ready to elevate your MyWhoosh experience – where every ride is an adventure, and every strategy can lead to victory. Dive in, strategize, and most importantly, enjoy the ride!


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