Every reason why MyWhoosh should be your go-to training app

By Zach Nehr

Whether you’re a Cat 1 racer or want to try your first trainer ride, there is a MyWhoosh workout specifically designed for you. In fact, there are more than 700 workouts and training plans on MyWhoosh designed by Coach Kevin Poulton, a UAE Team Emirates coach who has been coaching all types of cyclists for 25 years and is one of the foremost experts in indoor training.

In this article, I’ll give you a basic overview of MyWhoosh training, including an intro to training phases and a personal challenge – at the end of this article, I’m challenging you to complete one of two MyWhoosh workouts, one for beginner riders and the other for experienced riders. 

Why MyWhoosh Training is Different

Coach Poulton came to MyWhoosh with a singular philosophy: Teach all cyclists the five training phases. Execute these five phases, and you’ll be in the best shape of your life.

After more than two years of training on MyWhoosh, I can confirm that he was right.

You can also choose your starting point in the five training phases and jump straight into training. A beginner will start at Phase 1 (Early Base), while a rider with some fitness through general riding could start at Phase 3 (Early Build).

So, what are the five training phases?

  1. Early Base
  2. Late Base
  3. Early Build
  4. Late Build
  5. Preparation

Each phase last four weeks, making a total of 20 weeks (just under half a year) to complete the full training cycle. If you’re training for the 2024 UCI eSport World Championships in October, you will begin the Early Base Phase in March 2024.

MyWhoosh training is unique because it focuses on improving your weaknesses and developing your strengths. A sprinter, for example, will learn to improve his or her FTP and climbing ability while also completing the MyWhoosh workouts that focus on improving peak sprint power.

Training Designed for Every Rider

MyWhoosh training is curated for every level of cyclist, whether you are just starting your cycling journey or aiming to win the UCI eSport World Championships. In future articles, I’ll dive into the complete MyWhoosh training library.

What you need to know right now is that the MyWhoosh training library has everything from 15-minute race warm-ups to elite-racing power tests and punchy VO2 max sessions specifically designed for riders with less than 35 minutes to train. If you’re a time-crunched cyclist like me, you’ll appreciate the quick and effective workouts that MyWhoosh has to offer.

Go-to MyWhoosh Workouts

Do you have what it takes to complete the staple MyWhoosh workouts? Team UAE Emirates gives these workouts to riders like Tadej Pogacar as one of his key training sessions.

The beginner MyWhoosh workout is the perfect starting point for beginners – the “Stepped Intervals” workout is found in the “Beginner” workouts folder in the MyWhoosh app. This workout will help you learn to get a “feel” for each training zone, which you can take into future workouts.

For experienced riders, the advanced workout – Prove Yourself – is performed in season when you are nearing your peak shape.

Beginner workout:

Stepped Intervals


Advanced workout:

Prove Yourself (from the Fast Fitness folder)

In the next few articles, we’ll examine MyWhoosh workouts and training plans for each type of rider: sprinter, climber, time trialist, and rouleur. 

 About the author

Zach is a freelance writer, professional cyclist, and the owner of ZNehr Coaching. He writes about everything related to bikes and endurance sports, from product reviews and advertorials to feature articles and pro data analytics. You can find Zach racing the Sunday Race Club on MyWhoosh every weekend.

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