Everything You Need to Know About MyWhoosh Training Plans

By Zach Nehr

MyWhoosh training plans are unlike any others in virtual training. Each MyWhoosh training plan contains 5 phases lasting 4 weeks each, providing the potential for a 20-week training plan. Each training plan is science-backed and designed by Coach Kevin Poulton of UAE Team Emirates for all riders from beginner to expert.

Other platforms may offer scatter-brained, randomized training plans focused on 4 or 6-week blocks. But these training plans won’t work in the long run. Sure, you can gain a few watts on your FTP in a few weeks. But to reach your ultimate cycling potential, you need a consistent, long-term vision of your training plan – and that’s what MyWhoosh has to offer.

In this article, we’ll explain MyWhoosh Training Plans, what makes them stand out, and how to choose the best training plan for you.

What are MyWhoosh Training Plans?

Coach Kevin Poulton, UAE Team Emirates coach and indoor training expert, has designed more than 30 different training plans for all riders. In the MyWhoosh app, you can choose between three different types of training plans to narrow down your options:

Types of MyWhoosh Training Plans:

[MyWhoosh 3 Training Plans]

MyWhoosh’s Beginner training plans are designed for riders who are new to structured training. Fresh to the app is the Little Pebble, a beginner training plan specifically designed for a rider preparing for their first gravel race.

Target FTP plans do exactly as advertised: they are designed to improve your FTP. The choice is simple, beginners can choose the Beginner FTP Builder, while experienced riders can choose the Advanced FTP Development plan.

But in this article, we’re going to focus on MyWhoosh’s Specific Race Discipline training plans.

5 Phases of Each Training Plan

The 5 phases of training distinguish MyWhoosh training plans from all others. Each phase lasts four weeks, and they are designed to be worked through progressively.

MyWhoosh Training Phases:

[MyWhoosh 5 training phases]

But, crucially, not every rider needs to start with the first phase, Early Base. Riders can choose to start at any phase based on their current fitness. An experienced rider who has been riding regularly, for example, could start at the Early Build Phase and progress from there.

If you’re a racer like me, then you’ll want your training plan to be race-specific. MyWhoosh offers more than 20 training plans in their Specific Race Discipline category:

Specific Race Discipline Plans:

[ Specific Race Discipline Plans]


Each plan contains the five phases of training, so you can choose to start wherever you think is best for you. This begs the question…

How to Choose the Best Training Plan for You

Start by writing down your cycling goal. Are you new to structured training, or are you an experienced indoor racer? Whatever you’re starting point, there’s a MyWhoosh training plan for you.

If you are…

Next, we’ll focus on the Specific Race Discipline plans. Choose the type of race that you are training for (e.g., Gran Fondo, Time Trial, Sprint, Triathlon, etc.), and then choose your training phase.

You can choose your training phase in one of two ways:

  1. Calculate the number of weeks between now and your target race. Remember that each training phase lasts four weeks, so if your target race is 12 weeks from now, you should start the Early Build Phase

Early Build Phase (4 weeks) + Late Build Phase (4 weeks) + Preparation Phase (4 weeks) = 12 weeks

  1. Evaluate your current fitness and recent training. If you’ve been completing high-intensity workouts or races recently, when you can start at the Build Phases, which include high-intensity interval training. If you’re returning to training after a break from high intensity and racing, then it’s best to start with the Base Phases.

If you’re unsure of your current fitness, you can complete one of MyWhoosh’s FTP tests. Unlike other platforms, MyWhoosh offers a range of FTP testing methods – you’re welcome to choose between a ramp test, a 20-minute test, the MyWhoosh FTP test, and more.

[MyWhoosh FTP tests]

No matter which FTP test you choose, MyWhoosh will calculate your FTP and help track your progress throughout workouts and training plans. An FTP test is one of the best ways to check your fitness before and after completing a MyWhoosh training plan. With so many options to choose from, you can always keep pushing and getting stronger on MyWhoosh.

About the Author

Zach is a freelance writer, professional cyclist, and the owner of ZNehr Coaching. He writes about everything related to bikes and endurance sports, from product reviews and advertorials to feature articles and pro data analytics. You can find Zach racing the Sunday Race Club on MyWhoosh every weekend.

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