Fuel your ride with a whooping MyWhoosh 3.7.0 boost

Welcome to the latest evolution of MyWhoosh! Our newest update, version 3.7.0, introduces groundbreaking features designed to enrich your virtual cycling and running experience. Let’s explore the enhancements that await you.


We’ve got two incredible new worlds waiting for you to discover. California (USA) With a total distance of 59.84km, California is divided into routes that cover cities, tropical, subtropical, dense forest and deserts with a variety of climb routes, rolling hills and flat city circuits. Explore three sprints and five climbs in Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, Alcatraz Island, San Francisco, Mount Umunhum, Golden Gate and the Hawk Hills!

Hudayriyat Island, UAE

Hudayriyat offers different routes for all levels of cyclists, including real routes based on exact GPX data, a fictional dust track, climb and velodrome. Discover the wonder of Hudayriat sports island in Abu Dhabi from wherever you are in the world.


VOD and Live Coaching Support for Apple TV

Enjoy VOD and Live Coaching on AppleTV, so you can now enjoy coach led workouts on your favourite platform.

Data Recovery System

No need to worry about unexpected crashes and connection drops with the new data recovery system. Ride data is temporarily stored on the server for you to restore or discard.  

Offline Mode

If your internet connection drops, the game shifts into offline mode where you continue riding and drop back in according to the progress made whilst disconnected. All gameplay apart from multiplayer elements (such as drafting, nearby list, segments) will work in the game.

Game State Recovery

Minimize disruptions with our advanced Game State Recovery. In the rare event of a server crash, this feature quickly repositions all riders back into the event with minimal downtime, usually within 30 seconds, ensuring a smooth and continuous experience.


MyBunch 24 x 7

Ride with your desired pace group whenever you want. Choose groups of bot riders predefined by watts/kg and speed. Once selected you will be teleported directly to the MyBunch group and have a buffer time of 60 seconds power assist to get up to speed with the group. These lifelike bots mimic the behavior of real riders for realistic riding experience.

In-App Purchases

Power Gem bundles are now available to be purchased on Android, iOS, macOS and Apple TV. The six bundles can be used to purchase coins and other available garage items. The garage now feature incredible gear from VanRysel, Velokics, BMC, Scicon, Swiss Side and many more. Sponsored Jersey for


Look the part on the virtual road with in-game custom jerseys! If you’re a club, team or community, you can apply for your own custom kit and show your colors in MyWhoosh. Jerseys will only be available for riders that join community rides.

Chase Race

Race against riders of similar abilities in this premium race event. Each group of riders will be given a head start over stronger riders in the race and the first one to cross the finish line will be the winner. Races are open to all levels, enabling any rider to compete in the same space.

Data Migration Keep your virtual palmares by transferring your profile rating and player level from any other indoor cycling platform to MyWhoosh. Simply submit all relevant data from your current profile, along with supporting proof. Upon verification, your level, distance, level rewards (transferred to MyWhoosh coins) and elevation gain will be reflected on your profile.

Embark on an exhilarating adventure with our latest update – MyWhoosh 3.7.0 is packed with features designed to elevate your virtual fitness experience. Whether you’re exploring new worlds, engaging in exciting races, or customizing your ride with power gems, there’s something for everyone. Get ready to fuel your ride with MyWhoosh 3.7.0!

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