MyBunch Ride

MyBunch is a new concept designed by MyWhoosh. Designed to allow all levels of ability to ride the same course at the same time. In a MyBunch ride “Bot Bunches” ride at a specific speed for a lap of one of our routes.   

MyBunch is MyWhoosh’s take on a bunch ride. We have built 9 bunches of 6-8 bots that are at set W/Kg, differentiated by assorted coloured jerseys. This allows riders of all abilities to choose the “Colour” of the MyBunch that suits their fitness level and enjoy a well-paced ride. No more issues around bunches riding faster than the advertised pace, all while having the ability to ride a pace that suits you. Riders challenge themselves to hold on to faster groups for as long as possible. 

You can choose a pace that suits you. It could be a recovery ride, you might want to go hard, or even a cruise with a MyBunch. The choice is yours. We have 9 MyBunches to choose from in each event. Our White MyBunch has an average speed of 25 kmh, with each MyBunch increasing by 2 km/h all the way to our UAE Team ride at 40+ kmh. Join a MyBunch that suits your speed, do not forget you can draft to make the speed easier.   

White 25 km/h, Red 27 km/h, Yellow 29 km/h, Green 31 km/h, Burg 33 km/h, Pink 35 km/h, Orange 37 km/h, Blue 39 km/h, Team UAE 40 km/h+  

MyBunches start every 30 minutes 24/7 using assorted routes in the game.

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