MyWhoosh Championship Results Announced

May 22, 2023 – This year started on a high note for MyWhoosh with the successful hosting of the first-ever online e-sports seven-stage indoor cycling Championship. MyWhoosh is proud to have hosted an event that was open to riders of all abilities worldwide, with the largest prize pool ever offered in a virtual cycling event to date. The prize pool, amounting to USD 1M, was split evenly between men and women.

All participants were selected based on performance data submitted. In accordance with the Championship Ruleset published on the MyWhoosh website, all participants were requested to undergo a rigorous pre-verification process. Successful riders were split into categories according to ability to ensure everyone competed at the appropriate level. Throughout the competition, we were supported by the Race Commission who observed and verified the results against global benchmarks. Following the end of all the stages, the team have been undergoing a robust two-step verification process, and today we are proud to announce the full list of winners for Men and Women.

Fair Racing Standards and Innovation

Developing a technology-driven indoor cycling app is a complex process that requires a great deal of innovation and attention to detail to ensure seamless user experience. Unfortunately, we faced this during the first stage of the men’s race. However, we had a mitigation plan in place and were able to get the app up and running again minutes after the glitch occurred.  We understand that any technical issue during gameplay can be frustrating, so we worked quickly to minimize the impact and get everyone back on track as soon as possible.

We take fair play seriously and put in place a range of measures, which are aligned with indoor cycling standards, against any cheating and violations. Some platforms require a 1% trainer ruleset, we have developed and followed a rigorous verification process to ensure that everyone is playing fairly. We are committed to making sure everyone is competing on a level playing field. Our comprehensive verification process included dual recording, heart rate relativity to power history, power relativity to power history, sticky watts tests, and weigh-in videos. We also live-streamed the competition and completed extra ID checks. Unfortunately, because of such meticulous verification process, we had to disqualify and annul a number of people who did not meet the criteria.

Though we believe our riders are talented and dedicated athletes who have worked hard to achieve their levels of performance, we made sure their results were accurate and reliable.

Looking to the Future

MyWhoosh is deeply committed to improving and innovating in the world of cycling, and we are proud of the work we have done to develop and refine our equipment verification and training methods.

Ensuring all riders have a positive and fair experience is incredibly important to us. We know that cycling is a sport that requires hard work and dedication, and we are proud to be the partners that new and established athletes choose to push themselves to the limit.

Moving forward, we remain committed to ensuring fair racing standards are met and are continuously working to improve the technology behind our app to ensure a positive racing experience.

Stay tuned – exciting new events are coming out soon!

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