Unpacking The MyWhoosh 3.5.2 Update

Are you ready to push your limits, embrace strategic control, and conquer new landscapes? Then saddle up, because the MyWhoosh 3.5.2 update is here.

Scale New Heights with Endurance Climb

Gear up for a scenic and challenging journey with the introduction of the Endurance Climb. This thrilling new world throws a mix of long challenging climbs at your wheels, testing your endurance and offering breathtaking virtual vistas along the way. Whether you’re a seasoned climber or seeking a new challenge, the Endurance Climb is guaranteed to get your heart pumping and legs burning.

Graphics Quality Optimization: Smoother Rides for Everyone

We know a seamless mobile experience is key, so the 3.5.2 update brings optimized quality settings for all mobile devices. Enjoy smoother gameplay without sacrificing performance, and if you crave sharper visuals, you now have the option to fine-tune the graphics settings for a personalized mobile experience.

Take the Wheel: Introducing Steering Hardware Support

For those who crave the competitive edge and the thrill of tactical maneuvers, MyWhoosh 3.5.2 adds support for steering hardware devices. Now, you can physically steer your bike, allowing for dynamic draft evasion, breakaways, and strategic positioning during races.

Ride in Style with the Latest Team Kits and Bikes

Show your support for the UAE’s cycling elite with the updated 2024 UAE Team Emirates and UAE Team ADQ Team kits and bikes. Featuring the latest designs while maintaining their performance-driven specs, these additions let you hit the virtual roads in style while replicating the look of your cycling heroes.

So what are you waiting for? Buckle up, hit the pavement, and experience the MyWhoosh 3.5.2 update! Share your stories, challenges, and triumphs with the MyWhoosh community and remember, the journey is just beginning.


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