Sunday Race Club

At MyWhoosh, we believe racing is the pinnacle of cycling, and our SRC reflects this. Cycle racing is hard work, and our aim is for you to walk away knowing you have given your best, no matter what your ability. Racing in SRC is the best way to both test yourself and improve your fitness.   

The SRC is typically held over a route of varied terrain. Some weeks, the race can be relatively flat, and others with over 1000m of climbing.    

Results are based on first across the line in each category. However, during each SRC, there are several segments you can compete in. These range from short sprints to longer rouleur segments to 10km KOMs on the weeks we hit the mountains. These are a great way to compare your times to other racers or take bragging rights.    

All categories have separate start times and are identified by different jerseys. Most SRCs start at a frantic pace before settling into hard racing against riders in your category.    

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