Train Like a Pro: TDF Workouts in MyWhoosh 2023

Are you ready to take your cycling training to the next level and experience the exhilaration of Tour de France (TDF) style preparation? MyWhoosh is proud to announce the launch of 10 new workouts that will allow you to train using the same methods as professional cyclists and immerse yourself in the world of elite cycling. Teaming up with UAE Team Emirates and UAE Team ADQ, we bring you a unique opportunity to train like a pro and discover the secrets behind the success of renowned riders. Get ready to elevate your performance and conquer new challenges with our TDF-inspired workouts.

But that is not all! In addition to the incredible training experience, we are thrilled to offer you a chance to win exclusive signed jerseys from the teams involved. By completing the workouts within a specific timeframe, you will have the extraordinary opportunity to own a piece of cycling memorabilia and showcase your dedication to training.

These 10 planned workouts have been carefully curated to provide you with an in-depth understanding of the training routines and strategies employed by some of the most accomplished cyclists in the world. From tapering for important stage races to mastering sprints, climbing like a pro, and excelling in time trials, each workout focuses on a specific aspect of cycling performance. By following these workouts, you will gain valuable insights into the physical and mental demands of professional cycling while improving your own capabilities on the bike.

Let us dive into the detailed descriptions of the workouts and discover the training techniques used by these exceptional athletes.


George Bennett – Climbing: George Bennett, a seasoned rider specializing in General Classification, understands the sheer importance of perfecting climbing fitness. In this workout, you will tackle three grueling 10-minute climbs, simulating the arduous outdoor ascents that demand every ounce of your strength and determination. Emulate Bennett’s training style by progressively increasing the power demanded throughout each climb, culminating in a one-minute effort above the threshold at the summit. Master the art of climbing, adopt the correct bike position, and experience the challenges and rewards of conquering long, tortuous climbs.

Mikkel Bjerg – ITT: Mikkel Bjerg, a seasoned professional with an astounding three U23 World Championship victories in Time Trial, is a true maestro when it comes to preparing for this discipline. Follow Bjerg’s precise and methodical training session, mirroring his routine leading up to a major Grand Tour Time Trial. Learn from his expertise, fine-tune your technique, and watch your time trial performance soar as you execute focused and disciplined training strategies.

Pascal Ackermann – Sprint: Pascal Ackermann, a sprinting powerhouse with a plethora of victories in Grand Tours and Classics, possesses explosive power and lightning speed. In this workout, we zero in on the intense sprinting efforts that occur within the final kilometers of a race. By gradually increasing power in four brief yet highly intense intervals after a steady 10-minute tempo effort, you will unleash your maximum sprint potential, channeling the indomitable spirit of Ackermann himself. Get ready to ignite the afterburners and leave your competitors in the dust.

Matteo Trentin – Rouleur: Matteo Trentin, a seasoned rider with extensive experience in Grand Tours, knows how to elevate his performance to the highest level when it matters most. This workout replicates Trentin’s meticulous training regimen leading up to a Grand Tour, providing you with unique insights into his preparation strategies. Embrace the training methods of a seasoned professional, unlock your full potential as a rouleur, and discover the reservoirs of strength and resilience within you.

Vegard Laengen – Domestique: Vegard Laengen, the trusted domestique of UAE Team Emirates, plays a crucial role in supporting his team leader during Grand Tours. By completing long steady tempo efforts, Laengen hones his endurance and ability to control the pace of the peloton. This workout incorporates one-minute near FTP efforts in the warm-up, preparing you for 15-minute tempo efforts that faithfully mimic Laengen’s training style. Embrace the selfless role of a trusted domestique, enhance your ability to support your teammates, and become an invaluable asset to any cycling unit.


Alena Amialiusik – Taper: Lena Amialiusik, a force to be reckoned with in the cycling realm, understands the pivotal role of effective tapering before major stage races. In this workout, we delve deep into Amialiusik’s training routine leading up to significant racing events. By following her tapering strategies, you will unlock the secrets of optimal race preparation and supercharge your performance on the bike. Get ready to experience the thrill of peaking at just the right moment.

Chiara Consonni – Sprint: Chiara Consonni, a rising star in the sprinting world, brings her explosive expertise to the UAE Team ADQ. As a multiple European and world champion on the track, she possesses jaw-dropping power and speed. In this workout, we zero in on achieving peak five-second power by incorporating multiple maximal sprints within a lower-end tempo effort. Are you ready to match Chiara’s phenomenal peak power in all six sprints? Unleash your inner sprinter and discover the astonishing potential hidden within.

Erica Magnaldi – Climbing: Erica Magnaldi, a true queen of the mountains, has conquered breathtaking ascents throughout her illustrious career. With a podium finish in the Mediterranean Games and awe-inspiring performances in prestigious races like Giro Donne, Magnaldi is a master of climbing. This workout replicates the demands of climbing and sprinting for Queen of the Mountain (QOM) points. Emulate Magnaldi’s climbing prowess, feel the burn in your legs, and rise above the competition on the toughest ascents.

Marta Bastianelli – Rouleur: Grand Tours are the pinnacle of cycling, and Marta Bastianelli, a seasoned cyclist and champion of the World, European, and Italian Championships, knows the level of preparation required for such monumental races. In this workout, we mirror Bastianelli’s final training session leading up to a Grand Tour, allowing you to experience the physical demands and mentally prepare for the biggest stages in the world. Gear up, challenge your limits, and embrace the grit and determination of a true rouleur.

Mikayla Harvey – ITT: Mikayla Harvey, a true master of the individual time trial (ITT) and general classification specialist, has left an indelible mark on the cycling world with her impressive achievements. With top finishes in the Giro d’Italia and La Flèche Wallone Féminine, Harvey’s expertise in time trials is unparalleled. Join her in a crucial workout that gears you up for the ITT of a Grand Tour. Through sub-threshold efforts and intense intervals, you will enhance your time trial abilities and set new personal records on the clock.


To make this training program even more enticing, we have designed a comprehensive campaign that adds an extra element of excitement and motivation for participants. By completing the workouts within a specific timeframe, you will have the chance to win exclusive signed jerseys from the teams involved.

UAE TEAM EMIRATES CHALLENGE: All participants who successfully complete all five UAE Team Emirates workouts by July 23, marking the end of TDF, will be entered into a raffle to win a signed UAE Team Emirates jersey by none other than the phenomenal Tadej Pogacar. This prize represents the chance to connect with the spirit of the race and embrace the legacy of one of the most talented cyclists of our time.

UAE TEAM ADQ CHALLENGE: Similarly, for those who complete all five UAE Team ADQ workouts by July 30, coinciding with the end of TDF Femmes, you will be entered into a raffle to win a signed UAE Team ADQ jersey personally signed by the remarkable Marta Bastianelli. This is a unique opportunity to own a piece of cycling memorabilia while celebrating your commitment and dedication to training.


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