Tune-Up Tuesday 

Tuesday Tune-Up is a “Point Score” event and is held on three consecutive Tuesday evenings of each month. It features weekly stages of approximately 20km each. It’s a race for points not a race for the fastest rider. Points will be based on the fastest through the 5 segments and a bonus for where you finish at the end.  

With over 150 points on offer it is up to you to decide to go for the overall finish position or cruise and sprint the segments for point. Maybe even do both. It’s a race of using your speed and strategy in one.  

Done forget the winner of each segment will claim a Jersey. 

The stages will be made up of; 

Stage 1 – “Super Sprint” – 5 short sprint segments 

Stage 2 – “The Climb and Descent” – 5 Segments of sprints, climbs and downhills. 

Stage 3 – “The Rouleur” – 5 Segments, some short, some long and some hilly. 

So why not race hard at SRC, recover on Monday and line up for the Tune-Up Tuesday – The Points Score.   

The is no pre registration for Tune Up Tuesday, just log in and join from the Daily Events List. 

The time zones will be Oceania Tuesday 6 pm Men and Women and UAE 8 pm Men and Women. We hope to see you at the start line. 

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