Unveiling MyWhoosh 3.6.0: A New Dimension of Virtual Fitness

Welcome to the latest evolution of MyWhoosh! Our newest update, version 3.6.0, introduces groundbreaking features designed to enrich your virtual cycling and running experience. Let’s explore the enhancements that await you.


MyWhoosh Economy: Rewarding Your Journey

The introduction of the MyWhoosh Economy is a game-changer for users, designed to reward your efforts and enhance your engagement with the platform. Now, every ride and every action you take in MyWhoosh gives you a chance to earn in-game currency based on your achievements and engagement levels. Wondering what you do with these coins? Welcome to the MyWhoosh garage! Here, you can utilize the coins earned through your activities to unlock a variety of items. The level-up system now allows you to gain experience points as you ride or run, that will help unlock new content and earn rewards that enhance your virtual fitness experience.

Achievements: Setting New Milestones

These new features are designed to motivate you by setting clear, attainable goals and rewarding your progress. The system spans various categories, each with its own set of milestones, encouraging you to explore the platform’s full potential and strive for excellence. Whether it’s completing a challenging route or participating in a series of events, these achievements offer tangible rewards, enhancing your sense of accomplishment and driving your competitive spirit. Keep in mind that achievements are available to everyone whereas trophies and jerseys can only be attained through participating in our premium events like Sunday Race Cub

Segment Behavior Improvements: Refining the Competitive Edge

The segment features in MyWhoosh have received a significant upgrade, designed to intensify your competitive experience. These improvements offer you real-time feedback during your rides, a dynamic leaderboard that keeps you informed of your standings, and a revamped Ghost Rider feature, which pits you against your previous best efforts, adding a layer of personal competition to every segment. These enhancements are tailored to elevate your engagement, challenging you to outperform yourself and others in the MyWhoosh community.

Expanded Rider Profile: Understanding Your Performance

With a new profile section on the website, you gain access to a comprehensive overview of your performance metrics. This feature not only showcases your journey, displaying your total distance, elevation, and activities, but also provides in-depth insights into your performance trends, like your power output and endurance over time. It’s a tool designed for reflection and goal-setting, empowering you with data to analyze your progress and tailor your training to meet your objectives.

Walking/Running: Broadening the Horizon

Expanding the platform’s capabilities, the new walking and running feature invites you to enjoy the immersive worlds of MyWhoosh in a whole new way. This update seamlessly integrates treadmill, foot pod and smart shoes connectivity offering a synchronized, realistic running experience. Whether you prefer a leisurely walk or a high-intensity run, we now have a diverse range of routes and animations that cater to your pace, enhancing your workout with visually engaging, dynamic environments.

Enhanced Technical Capabilities: Embracing the Community

The upgrade to our technical capabilities is a commitment to community growth, enabling the platform to support larger groups of riders and runners without compromising performance. This enhancement means you can now participate in vast virtual events, experiencing the thrill of competition and the camaraderie of community rides in a smooth, uninterrupted virtual space. It’s about bringing together more participants, fostering a larger, more vibrant community, and enhancing the overall user experience.

MyWhoosh Police: Maintaining Fair Play

The introduction of the MyWhoosh Police is a testament to our commitment to fair play. The Performance Verification Program can now detect and address any unfair practices in real-time, by booting out these players and notifying other riders during premium racing events, ensuring a level playing field for all participants. enhances the integrity of competitions, providing transparency and maintaining the trust of the community by ensuring that every achievement is genuinely earned

Coach-Led Workouts

With this update, you get to change your workouts into an interactive experience. With Coach-Led Video Workouts, you can engage in pre-recorded sessions guided by expert coaches, offering structured workout plans at your convenience. These are accessible in the app’s WORKOUTS section. On the other hand, Live Coaching brings the community together for real-time, interactive workouts led by professional coaches, available under the GROUP WORKOUTS tab in the EVENTS section.

Embrace the journey with our latest update – the 3.6.0 update is all about making MyWhoosh a comprehensive platform that supports your fitness journey, whether you’re cycling, running, or engaging in interactive workouts. Stay tuned, get involved, and let’s ride (or run!) into the future together!


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