You’re in complete control with the MyWhoosh Link App

Welcome to the MyWhoosh Link App – a new, enhanced way to experience the thrill of riding and racing on MyWhoosh. The Link App provides an easier, better, and richer virtual cycling experience and provides you with a host of new features seamlessly integrated into your current MyWhoosh setup. In addition to the Link App, MyWhoosh is now available for download from the AppleTV store. Enjoy a seamless installation process with a focus on stability and performance fully compatible with the Apple Remote. Connect via Bluetooth or ANT+.Let’s get into the details…


Manage your account

Through the new Link App, you can login to your account, manage and update your details and personal data. You can create new accounts, reset your password and view the MyWhoosh terms of service.

The perfect setup

Set MyWhoosh up exactly how you want to in the settings section. Control your notifications, privacy and app preferences so that your MyWhoosh experience is tuned to your needs.

View Events & manage your calendar

In this section you can explore all the upcoming MyWhoosh events, from group rides to races. Each event is explained in detail with dates, times, distances, elevation and any specific event information. You can register for premium events, manage your participation and check event details as the big day approaches.

The Calendar feature gives you complete control of your MyWhoosh schedule. You can view previous events, check planned events and ensure that you never miss a ride.

Connect with fellow Whooshers

Cycling is all about community, riding and racing together and sharing the fun of MyWhoosh. The MyWhoosh networking features empower you to find, follow and connect with fellow Whoosher’s and customize how you interact with each other.


It’s good to talk

We’ve built a rich, in-app experience that enables you message fellow connected Whoosher’s whilst you ride. The Link App makes it easy to interact with each other and encourage fellow riders in real time.

Live Ride Mode

The Link App acts as your in-ride performance dashboard, giving you real-time, vital statistics. From power output and heart rate to cadence and speed, you’ll have all the information you need to achieve your cycling goals.


Check your stats

The MyStats feature is your personal dashboard – allowing you to view and edit your profile, manage your connected fellow Whooshers and follows. You can dive deep into your MyWhoosh ride data and view your total rides, ride time, distance and elevation. For the data heads, you can view your performance metrics such as FTP and average watts per KG.

View your activities

Here you’ll find a full list of all your MyWhoosh rides and everyone you’re connected to. Each ride is contains detailed information such as duration, distance, watts per kilo and more. You can also manage your in-ride interaction features including liking and commenting.

Download the Link App in iOS or Android and enhance your MyWhoosh experience. You can also download MyWhoosh for AppleTV and enjoy virtual cycling on the big screen.


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