Community Rides

Get ready for an exciting revolution in your MyWhoosh experience! Introducing Community Ride events – your chance to create, schedule, and tailor your very own cycling event through our platform. With a user-friendly website form designed for simplicity, you can input the specifics of your event, from the name and description to route details and start time.

Within 48-72 hours, MyWhoosh will deliver the final event format right to your Inbox, making your event official and part of our daily event list. We are all about empowering our users to take the lead, and that is exactly what these community rides offer.

But that’s not all! As we embrace the growing community spirit, we’re also committed to enhancing your event experience. We will soon introduce custom jerseys for your group, highlight branding of your choice during the course of the ride, and more.

This is your chance to create unforgettable moments, unite fellow riders, and elevate the MyWhoosh experience to new heights. Get ready to make your mark, one pedal stroke at a time.

Tap the below button to create your community ride!



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