Dive into our latest update!

Our latest update, 3.5.1, is here and is a game-changer in the world of virtual cycling. From the groundbreaking introduction of Controllable Companion Bots to expanded device compatibility and refined in-app user experience, our latest update is all about innovation and enhancement, bringing you a blend of cutting-edge features and improved functionalities.

Welcome to the Future of Virtual Cycling: Companion Bots!

MyWhoosh’s latest feature: Controllable Companion Bots transforms your solo rides into strategic, team-based experiences. Select and command up to four unique bots, each with specialized cycling skills, to create dynamic race strategies and enjoy immersive, competitive adventures.

Key Features:


Android 3.0GB Compatibility

Expanding our reach, MyWhoosh is now available on Android devices with 3.0GB RAM, ensuring a seamless experience for more users.

Revamped Power Passport Test Protocol

The Power Passport Test, essential for MyWhoosh premier racing events, has been updated for more accurate fitness assessments, which includes removal of the 30-sec interval, omission of certain data points and a new capability that detects if you have not put in your max efforts.


Extended Event Calendar: Next 30 Days

Plan your rides better! Our updated in-app events section now allows you to view and choose events for the upcoming 30 days, enhancing your planning and participation.

Laps in Free Rides

Experience a more structured ride with our new lap system for free rides. Monitor your progress with our updated HUD, showing lap counts and distances, stay on the designated route path by default and earn new PBs for not just segments, but the entire route!

 Whether you’re strategizing with your bot team, exploring our extended calendar, or enjoying the new lap system, there’s something for every rider in this release. Update MyWhoosh to V3.5.1 to access these new features now!

NOTE: Please note that Bogota City, The Eternal Pass, and Oudenaarde routes will be temporarily unavailable until further notice. We’re working on enhancing these routes for your future rides.


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